Prices for facial treatment at the Silvretta Park Hotel Klosters

Short & Sweet

Deep pore cleansing for a fresh and glowing appearance




CHF 80.00

Forever young

High skin refiner treatment for lasting vital energy of your skin. Includes cleansing, ampule, eye mask, facial massage and hand massage.


CHF 170.00

Skin regeneration

Special treatment for tired skin to accelerate cell regeneration including cleansing, ampule and mask.


CHF 140.00

Vita Balance

Intensive care program to combat dry skin. Includes cleansing, ampule and mask.

mit Massage

CHF 110.00
CHF 140.00

Ayurveda Facial Treatment

Unique experience of deepest relaxation and balance including dosha analysis


CHF 190.00

Precious moments

Relaxing  facial including deep pore cleansing and massage


CHF 100.00

Beautiful eyes

Regenerative eye care with exclusive Retinol substance.
Includes: eye massage and eye mask

Book time now for facial treatment. Tel. + 41 81 423 34 35

30 min.

CHF 45.00