Hotel Silvretta in Klosters History


145 Years of Hospitality in Klosters

The Silvretta Hotel has always played a leading role in the touristic development of Klosters. Davos and Klosters present itself as a large, modern and successful holiday destination. The foundation for this success was laid 150 years ago, when on February 8, 1865 the first winter guests arrived in Davos. This date is considered as the start of winter tourism in the Alps.

Already five years later, the hotel pioneer Josias Mattli built a hotel in the neighbourvillage Klosters, which was at this time unique. In 1870 spring water lines on all floors, electric lighting and WC's were still far from self-evident. But the Silvretta could already boast these amenities. But let us go back 5 years to the year 1865.

How it all began ...

Until February 8, 1865 Davos was known as a summer mountain resort - Klosters was an unknown mountain village in the upper Prättigau. On that day Dr. Friedrich Unger and Hugo Richter from Germany stepped out from the train in front of the Town Hall. They placed their last hope in the healing mountain air of the Davos mountains. Immediately Unger and Richter began, to the amazement of the locals, to cure on a hay-sleds covered with boards. The treatment showed success in a very short time and soon the two could even be watched ice-skating on the Davos lake.


A sledge race connects Klosters and Davos ...

Sledding was the only sport that has already been applied early by the locals, but only as a leisure activity. The English writer and cultural historian John Addington Symonds, launched the world's first International sledge race in 1883 from Davos Wolfgang to Klosters, which was repeated as "Symonds-Shield" annually. The award ceremony took place at the leading hotel in Klosters at this time - the Hotel Silvretta.

The time of the mountain railways 

For the first time in history of the alpine winter sports skiers were transported mecanically uphill in Davos Klosters instead of walking up the mountains. The Parsenn mountain railway built in 1931-32 served almost exclusively the ski tourism. At Christmas 1934, the first t-bar lift in the world was put into operation on Bolgen. In 1950, Klosters also starts in the mountain railway time with the construction of the Gotschna cable car, which was 1987 renovated to modern needs. In 1965 the Madrisa gondola started the same named ski are on the other side of the valley.


And in the hotel?

The original Silvretta Hotel was over a century a flagship of the hotel industry in Klosters. In the early 1980s, the building could no longer meet the changing needs of guests. 1985 slept the last guests in the "Hoary Lady Silvretta".

First it was calm around the buildings at the Klosters main road. But behind the scenes negotiations were running for the sale of the property and with Ulrich B. Erpenbeck an investor could be found who opted for the demolition and complete rebuilding after the latest guests needs. This Ulrich B. Erpenbeck knew only too well as the inventor of the famous "Stella Maris" -Club Idea and as an experienced financial expert. With the construction he started the then largest building project in the Canton of Grisons at these days. In 1988 the construction of the Silvretta Parkhotel started and on 20 December 1990 the five assembled houses with 93 rooms, other condominiums, various restaurants, pool and spa area could be inaugurated.


28 years successful years with Silvretta Park Hotel and more to come ...

Since then 28 successful years have passed and until today the hotel matches still the needs of a demanding and active clientele thanks to continuous investments and adaptations. Ulrich B. Erpenbeck, who celebrated in 2014 his 80th birthday, has passed the baton to the second generation a few years ago. Erpenbeck's daughter Ulrike and son Christian lead the hotel together in the spirit of their father, who still visits the hotel daily and acts as advisor - also for the local authorities of Klosters.